Jed’s Island Resort Getaway

“The Largest Resort in Bulacan”

Here is an overview of Jed’s Island Resort:


JED’s Island Resort started to operate as resort on March 27, 1995. Before it’s operation, it was just a plain rest house of a native of Apalit, Pampanga. It’s very easy to find our resort because it is just along the main road of McArthur highway, Gatbuca, Calumpit, Bulacan.

Covering more than eight hectares of recreational property. We can claim that we are one of the largest resorts here in Central Luzon. It comprises of 11 swimming pools, more than 300 cottages, 35 deluxe aircon rooms, 2 hanging bridges, 4 hectares of man-made fishing lagoon, function room, covered basketball court and spacious parking area.

It became popular due to its non-stop development and improvement of the facilities. That’s why during summer, we are always expecting crowds of our guests and one of the favorites shooting location of movies and TV shows.

Our personnel are composed of Administrative staff, Maintenance staff, Lifeguards, Security guards and Pool technicians, and Ushers. However, during summer we hire additional Receptionists to assist and guide our guests. Most of them are college students whom we train for the summer period, through this we help them achieve good personal relation and at the same time provide a job during there vacation.

Our markets are the upper and lower class of people. We attract upper class by reason of its unique and cool architectural design of our resort while we can attract lower class of people due to our affordable rates.

Aside from swimming, our guests can recreate and enjoy through billiards, basketball, videoke, video games, fishing and during summer we have also boating and horse-back riding. It is 24- hour operation and during summer we can say that we have no brown out since we have a back-up generator standing by at all times.

So, stop delaying that well deserved vacation. Dip in our crystal clear swimming pools or take a stroll through our forest pathways, go fishing in the lagoon or boating under the moonlight with your love. Hold your breath as we let you embark on an adventure you will not so soon forget. You’ll enjoy it as much as we did! 🙂


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